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Mauro Pomponio - Photographer Mauro has worked as a professional photographer for more than 20 + years, in that time he has developed his creative talent to become a highly respected and sought after commercial, advertising and fashion photographer.

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Mauro's passion for creative images using the latest technical equipment and software inspires him to keep coming up with brilliant contemporary work. He supplies his clients with colour corrected images ready for pre-press and web; this is why many of his clients have been using his services. The studio also offers clients a high level of image retouching and contouring services if required.

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Some of Mauro's clients include: Milan Direct, Holden HRT, Vodafone, Oliver Footwear, Dulux, Cabot's, British Paints, Olrik of Denmark, Stephanie Browne Australia Jewelry, Devondale, Kmart, Coles, Sigma, Quantum Innovation, Thomas Warburton, Trossart, Mitre10, Klein Office Furniture, Clive Champion Kitchens, All Fasteners, Fontera Foods, Best Western Hotels, Miele, Slazenger, Gribbles Group, Concept Office Interiors, Hang Ten, Lightning Bolt, Spencer & Rutherford, Canningvale, Toyota, Kogan Technologies, Serenity Pools, Adventureline, Melbourne Plantation Shutters, Loom Rugs, Mitre10 and many others.